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(French version below)

At 18 I left school educated in art, design and woodworking and by chance got a job working in graphics. But I always knew that I wanted to make guitars. It seems that I have tried to avoid just that and yet at the same time, I have been gravitating towards it and preparing for that moment.

I’ve been collecting books and magazines on guitars and guitar making since the age of 16.I trained here in France in cabinetmaking and ornamental sculpture, and by working in a furniture shop, building the display furniture have been able to invest in wood, tools and machinery.

Where I live in southern France, I am far from the London guitar stores that I visited in my youth and the music scene that inspired me so much. But that isolation has led me towards liking the unusual and uncommon and so the incredible harp guitar, an instrument from the past with a new future before it. I hope that the path that I am exploring, the nylon strung harp guitar, will open new perspectives for this instrument and for the musicians who would like to discover it.

I started building steel string guitars just for myself, and then when my children took up the classical guitar, I started making classical guitars and discovered a new world.

Then I came back to harp guitars. I had been thinking about them for years. I started making copies of Dyer harp guitars and I am now making my own style of harp guitar with a smaller body, a fan braced classical harp guitar and soon a flamenco harp guitar.

I am now sharing my guitar making passion with others, learning to accept compliments and criticism, and with the aim in mind to refine, improve and to sincerely do my best. Then also as a person to be open, sensitive and responsive to the needs of others.

To quote a line from a Kevin Coyne song “let your sincerity ring”.

I hope my guitars ring with sincerity. Sean.




Passionné par la guitare depuis mon enfance et attiré plus particulièrement par le design et construction de cet instrument, je collectionne des livres et articles depuis des années.
J’ai une formation scolaire en art, design et le travail du bois, complété plus tard par une formation d’ébéniste et sculpteur ornemaniste. Je vis dans le sud de la  France depuis plus de vingt ans, très éloigné des magasins de musique plein de guitares. J’ai toujours été attiré par des guitares atypiques, telles que des guitares doubles manches puis des guitares harpes. J’ai commencé par la guitare folk, puis quand mon fils a eu besoin d’une guitare classique, j’ai découvert la guitare avec cordes en nylon et je suis tombé toute de suite sous le charme de cet instrument. Mes guitares harpes allient toutes ces passions dans le même instrument.Je suis convaincu  que cet instrument qui vient du passé, à encore un grand avenir devant lui.

2 thoughts on “About

    Jason Carter said:
    December 27, 2014 at 12:42 am

    Nice website mate!

    Julien Heurtebise said:
    January 18, 2015 at 10:29 am

    Le nouvel habillage de ton site est vraiment très élégant… comme tes guitares-harpes !

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